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Are You Talkin’ Trees Or What???

I live in a neighborhood normal.

And neighbors are talking about that. They just gossip. They gossip. In what almost appears to be quicker than the speed of light, Word travels.

I was out in front of my shrubs this weekend when the neighbor came to me and told me how the house of a different neighbor went on sale. Then another neighbor bragged about his new air compressor. And another person felt the need to complain about his work, his family and all that is between him.

I became a magnet for gossip, I didn’t enjoy anything. And I couldn’t get rid of them no matter how often I nodded and smiled.

Then I went back to the backyard.

I sat on the courtyard and heard the tree leaves in the woods of my yard rushing down. I saw the sunlight dancing on them filtering down to the woods. I watched the wind swinging softly with thin tall trunks and curved branches. I liked the loneliness. Then my next neighbor leaned across my fence and asked me about his lilac tree. He noticed me staring at the moment as I replied. (When you work with trees, neighbors are always looking for free advice.) He quickly said, walk away. “I’m sorry to interrupt. “They aren’t always yapping good thing with those trees, huh?” Little did he know how misunderstood he was. There is plenty of research there that demonstrates that trees communicate themselves. If you’d like to learn more about this research, visit www.treeservicefortcollins.com to see for yourself.

The scientists revealed that trees can actively defend themselves against insects and communicate a warning to the other trees in their area in an article published in the December 1984 issue of the magazine Smithsonian. It was first proposed by Davey Rhoades, a chemist, and zoologist who worked at a field site near Seattle in the spring of 1979. He took two groups of willow trees–one a control group and the other a caterpillar infestation. A few weeks later, he fed both of his trees with his lab-caterpillars, which he found had flooded their leaves with unsavory chemicals, which deterred the growth of caterpillars. Then, as Batman’s bat signal, I would like to think, the attacked trees slipped a warning signal to the control group, probably through releasing a chemical into the air.

It is not clear whether communication between the tree is active (the wounded tree is initiated) or passive (the nearby tree is perceived, but unharmed). Rhoades always said he would like it to be active and plants to show an organized way of doing things.